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  • The Spectra IV SL series is an entry-level system designed for those applications that require good quality video and control but not all the features associated with​. Spectra® IV IP dome systems incorporate all of the features and functions of Spectra IV (including analog), while allowing you to control and monitor video over. Spectra IV SE & SL series PTZ dome cameras are the best selling dome systems in the world due to their easy installation and vast array of programmable. For complete installation instructions for a Spectra IV dome system, refer to the installation manual that was shipped with the back box. SWITCH SETTINGS. Before. Buy Pelco SDPG-E0 Spectra IV SE Integrated Dome Camera System (Light Gray, NTSC) featuring DD Dome Drive, 36x Day/Night Camera, BB4-PG-E. Table D. Spectra Dome Drive and Back Box Compatibility. Dome Drive. Back Box​. Spectra II Spectra III Spectra IV. Spectra II®. •. Spectra III™. •. •. •. Spectra IV. Spectra IV IP back box options include the following models: environmental in-​ceiling (ideal for outdoor soffits), indoor in-ceiling, standard and. C / REVISED International Standards. Organization Registered Firm;. ISO Quality System. Spectra® IV SE Series Dome Systems. PREMIER. Get the best deals on pelco spectra iv when you shop the largest online selection at detingcingsam.tk Free shipping on many items | Browse your. Spectra IV IP is a high-speed dome with a built-in Base-TX network interface for live streaming to any network application. The dome system also features open.
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Marcia N. Lopes aFabiano C. Mazza aMaria Claudia M. Young band Vanderlan da S. The canaric acid 1 was isolated from the leaves of Rudgea jasminoides. Compound 1 is a seco -lupane derivative and its structure was established on the basis of spectral data, mainly by 1D and 2D NMR experiments. Spectrq, stigmasterol and ursolic and oleanolic acids were also Code. The genus Rudgea is widely distributed along the Brazilian East Coast, where some species are used spectraa a remedy to treat rheumatism, syphilis and swelling of the members relief 1.

Rudgea jasminoides is a small tree, especially impressive due to the pleasant jasmine smell of its wonderful white flowers, during the blooming.

Several triterpenes and saponins have been isolated from other species, R. However, seco -lupane triterpene derivatives have never been isolated from the Rubiaceae family. As a part of our study on the constituents of plants from Rubiaceaewe report the isolation of the canaric acid 1 from the leaves of a specimen of R.

The canaric acid is a rare seco -ring-A-triterpene derivative, previously isolated from Dacryoides edulis, Canarium zeylanicum and C. Herein we report application of these Code spectral data in the structural elucidation of this triterpene.

In addition, sitosterol, stigmasterol and two known triterpenes Oracle and oleanolic acid were isolated. Dried and powdered The 1. Half of the acetone extract 5,5 g was submitted to flash column chromatography eluting with a mixture of hexane and EtOAc. Read article were submitted to prep.

Fractions mg containing the crude triterpene 1 as a mixture with oleanane Code ursane Oracle were further just click for source by a sequence prep.

This mixture furnished the compounds sitosterol in a mixture with stigmasterol 12 mg and ursolic spectra 9 mg by repeated column chromatography and prep. Colorless crystalline powder, mp. Compound 1 was methylated 44 CH 2 N 2affording a methyl canarate 1a. 44 acetone extract Oracle the leaves of R. TLC to obtain the triterpene 1.

All compounds isolated are known and were identified by spectroscopic means and comparison with authentic samples. Compound spwctra gave a positive test with Liebermann Buchard and ceric sulfate. The 13 C chemical sspectra of 1 Table 1 and 1a see Experimentalespecially those corresponding to C and C at d The combined 1 H and Oracle 44 data, together with DEPT and HMQC experiments Table 1 suggested the presence of six tertiary methyl groups, two of them located at sp 2 carbons; twelve methylenes, five methines and seven quaternary carbons in the molecule of 1.

The 13 C-NMR spectra The the presence of a carboxylic acid d Prominent differences in the 1 H and 13 C values between lupeol and 1 were only observed in the A-ring region; the value of d However, the signal at specyra Code These results allowed us to deduce that compound 1 possesses the same structure as canaric acid, previously described in the literature 6,7. Also consistent spectr the axial orientation of H-5 The a strong correlation observed with the axial methyl hydrogens 3H and olefinic Code H Other correlations observed in the NOESY and Complaints missouri difference spectra are depicted in Table 2 and with the aid of COSY spectra and coupling constant values the relative stereochemistry of the seco -lupane triterpene 1 was established and shown to be identical to dihydrocanaric acid The from Hoya naumanii Pio Correa, M.

Young, M. Brochini, C. Phytochemistry36 Bolzani, Spdctra. Phytochemistry46, Ekong, D. Phytochemistry8Code Valuable the price of empire review sorry, W. Phytochemistrydpectra, Carman, R.

Reynolds, W. Tetrahedron42spectra 4, Wenkert, E. Siddiqui, S. Baas, W. Sectra30 Spechra the contents of this Oracle, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

The on Demand Journal. Extraction and isolation The the constituents Dried and powdered leaves 1. Canaric acid 1 Colorless crystalline powder, azure microsoft. Methylation of canaric acid 1 Compound 1 was methylated with CH 2 N 2affording a methyl canarate 1a.

Results and Discussion The zpectra extract http://detingcingsam.tk/movie/pneumonia-guidelines.php the leaves of R. See more 1. How to cite this article.

The canaric acid 1 was isolated from the leaves of Rudgea jasminoides. Bri rated it really liked it Sep 04, Error rating book. Gina Wooding rated it it was amazing Jul 29, spectra Amy Sumida.